Document Translation

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.”

What was true then still holds true today. Especially when it comes to having your important documents translated. Translating documents from one language to another is more than just translating words. If that were true then all you would need is a dictionary and you’re done. Real translation also involves the translation of “thought” or the intention of the context of a particular document.

  1. We don’t cut corners
  2. We have an established system for quality control so you can be sure that you’ll get an accurate translation every time!
  3. We’re available 24/7 by phone or email.
  4. Or you may simply wish to drop by one of our convenient locations.
  5. We only employ professional, native speakers who are more in tune with the nuances of the language you wish to have your document translated into.

So what exactly does go into a Translation Company Services Project?

  1. We begin by determining the scope and the tone of the project. For example, you wouldn’t write a marketing presentation the same way you would draft a legal document.
  2. Once we determine how your document needs to be translated we assign it to an appropriate Translation Company translator who is the best fit to work on your project based on similar experience.
  3. Once we finish translating the document we send it to a quality control editor to go over the document a second time.
  4. We present you with a professionally translated document in a timely manner.