Editing & Proofreading services at Translation Company Services

Translation CompanyServices offers professional proofreading services in India and also serves clients abroad in diverse geographic regions. Our proofreading and editing services are available in multiple languages of the world apart from English (UK & US). Regional Indian languages are also served. We cater to different segments like the corporate, web, academics & education and many more. The defining attribute of our editing & proofreading services is that we offer the demanded customization that is sought in the project. This ensures that the optimized value is generated and the ideals as envisioned are actually fructified. We have the best editing professionals who carry lengthy experience and expertise in languages of their specialization. Thr Services of subject experts are taken to maintain the authenticity of the proofreading and associated editing tasks like in medical and legal documents.

Why choose Translation Company Services?

We have emerged as the preferred banner providing editing and proofreading services in delhi,NCR and the world because of the following attributes –

High professionalism

Our editing and proofreading services are guaranteed error free and our experts perform as per the tone and orientation of the content. They follow the latest norms and standards that define the concerned linguistics so as to preserve the authenticity of the document.

Timeliness in project delivery

We serve every project in a stipulated timeline without any delay so that your campaign never suffers.

Multiple languages support

All the leading global languages including English are served apart from the Indian languages from all regions.

Swift scalability

We respond fast towards any emergent editing/proofreading demands as required in your project. Just intimate at our desk and we are ready to deliver urgently the bulk demands.

Cost savings

Our editing and proofreading pricing is very rational. Besides, we do the negotiations on cost depending on the quantum of work involved. Regular customers are quoted with the least cost.


All the content and documents are kept completely secure and never leaked through unauthorized channels.

What we deliver –

Our editing and proofreading services are available for the following orientations –
  • Journal articles – different genres and segments including for the web
  • Academic papers – theses & dissertations, admission papers & essays
  • Medical papers – research papers and lectures
  • Career – resume and job applications
  • Legal & financial documents – as per the demanded parameters of authenticity and compliances
  • Translation Company offers the best and most professional proofreading and content editing services. We are ready to serve your initiative too with assured satisfaction.